You’ve spotted her from across the bar, and you’ve only got one thing on your mind – get her number and get her in bed. How do you go from being a complete stranger to telling her to grab her coat? For the smoothest guys – this is just second nature. For the rest of us, it might take a few tips and tricks to getting her number and getting her laid!
Keep in mind that while confidence is key when you’re first approaching a woman, you don’t want to go overboard. One easy way to make the ‘asking for her number’ scenario a bit easier is to actually make it part of your routine every time you approach a woman. This isn’t to say that you actually want all those digits, but practice does make perfect. When it does come time to land the hottie’s phone number you’ve have already sorted out what method works best for you.
Bear in mind that a lot of women these days won’t give out their phone number because of safety concerns, not because they don’t want to communicate with you. When you do approach her, don’t look desperate or shady. Don’t overflow with the compliments, either. She’ll soon spot something is up. This is definitely not the time to compliment her on her super tight dress or perfect tits. If she’s offering another method of communication – like her twitter handle or kik name, accept it. Yes, there is the actual rare occasion where she may have just moved to the area and not got her new number set up quite yet!
Once you’ve landed the number – it’s time to work on taking her home. Keep the conversation going long after you’ve got her phone number. Guys who are lacking in the chat department will more than likely get a fake number, get shut down, or both. You want to seem interested in more than just scoring, so don’t send up those red flags by heading back to your crew and getting a round of fist-bumps in.
There are some guys that just seem to naturally score on the first date all the time. What qualities do they have that you might not? Pick Up Artists – the men who train guys who are clueless on dating – have narrowed it down to a selection of qualities.
• Overall appearance – everything from their hygiene, hair style and how they dress
• Harmless character – leave the macho aggression at the door
• Sex appeal – both physically and personality wise
• Confidence and charm – but not over the top
• Kissing skills – if a guy can kiss well, chances are he can fuck well
It might take some work to get all those qualities in line. Of course, every woman is different – what one may see as a testosterone filled brute may seem like a confident protector to others. When you do score on that first date – be ready for the “I’ve never done this before” line. Just smile, nod and enjoy yourself!