After watching her career fizzle and slowly drown, Farrah Abraham had a major decision to make. Become a normal likable mom with a normal job or make a porno and reach one last time for stardom.

She of course chose the easier way out, probably without consulting her family and friends and decided to hire a famous pornstar and shoot her first and probably only porno.

Considering the unbelievable amount of money she received for this god awful attempt at a sex tape, one could only assume that this courageous act of stupidity will be her last. Other than the fact that she doesn’t know how to suck dick and talk dirty, has been celebrities like Farrah usually only go at it once and it’s a make it or break it. In her case I think it’s a definite break it. Maybe next time she does something foolish she’ll make up a better plan and practice fucking before hiring a pornstar and turning on the camera!!