The Girl of Your Dreams? She’s Likely on, Studies Find

Horny Internet Users Are Turning To The Latest Craze In Online Dating:

“Meet women online,”  we’ve all seen the ads.


If you believe the tongue-in-cheek adage “there are no girls on the Internet,” you’d probably look right past the online dating advertisements of today.
As Internet users, we’ve evolved over the years.  We’ve grown smarter, more wary of the sites that promise us girlfriends (or just casual sex) in mere hours.

The Internet (and that fucking promise) can suck my dick!  I’ve been using the Internet for 17-fucking-years and not one goddamn time did I ever get my pickle greased from some slutbag easy Internet chick.


In fact, the constant disappointment over the years seemed to make the Internet less fun for me.
But that was before came along. is the latest achievement in the world of online dating.


It follows a model some people may be familiar with:  Meeting locals.  You know, the people who live in your neighborhood—they get horny too.


You didn’t actually think you were the only horny fucker in your neck of the woods, did you?


As history would have it, was destined to become one of the dominating forces in the online dating world of today.


Sexy’s user base simply grew faster than other sites (which, we’re guessing, had something to do with the great domain name… surely, thousands of people must type in “” every single day, not knowing where it will take them, or if they’re about to be redirected to a site like Lemonparty.  People are too trusting, for fucks sake!).


Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, that makes for a lot of members over time.


So, now it’s 2015, and now there’s millions of users on— all people who want to get laid.


Men, and, yes, even women. found me my first (and only) fuckbuddy about 6-7 months ago. She’s been amazing.  She’s a gamer, and she’s actually like me—she likes to get off frequently, in the spirit of “no strings attached” of course.


Therefore, if you’re considering doing the whole FWB thing, is a site I can recommend.


Once on Sexy, you will be prompted to answer a few short questions, but this only helps weed out the flakes.  Answer these questions honestly, and see where it takes you.


Godspeed, friends!


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