The ChatRoulette-esque Site That’s Turning Teen Girls Into Sluts

The Omegle and ChatRoulette Inspired Site Parents Want Banned

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you may have heard of a site called Slut Roulette.


And if you are one of those rock dwellers… you might be asking.. what exactly is Slut Roulette?

Well, it’s simple:  Slut Roulette is a roulette-style cam site that allows strangers to get paired up with random, beautiful girls on cam, with the click of a button. Don’t like what you see?  No problem.. click ‘Next’ and you’re on to the next slut!


The site is 100% free to use, it doesn’t actually cost users anything (unless of course users want to show their generosity by tipping the girls on cam).


The only thing required to become a free Slut Roulette member is a valid email address and a username of one’s choice.


Now, personally… we love sluts. The girls who use the site are all very good looking. They’re young and horny. You can tell a lot of these girls are getting off to the fact that horny men are watching them do stuff to their bodies on cam.


As a free member of Slut Roulette, you get to interact with the girls on cam in each of their respective rooms. Because of this option, I got the chance to ask one of the girls on cam— Zoey — some questions about her life… and her life as a cam girl.


Zoey ended up telling me that her parents are pissed as hell that she’s living at home and getting naked for guys online.  She may be 18, but her parents don’t approve of it.  Zoey tells me her regular male viewers are super sweet though, and that’s why she does it. She does it for them.


She says they’re always tipping her lots of tokens — which results in money for her to use towards school.


On cam, she does things guys want. Guys then tip her for doing these things.  She likes making her fans happy, and she likes that her viewers are appreciative.


While perverts like us may adore Slut Roulette—it’s clear parents like Zoey’s take issue with it.


The site is turning regular, everyday girls into SLUTS behind closed doors…


And that’s fucking awesome.


Slut Roulette…loved by perverts, hated by parents.  LOL!


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